Makeup Contest

MAKEUP contest Festiv'at Home!


What will be your interpretation of the theme :

It was a dark and cold night..."?


The Festiv'at home Makeup Competition is the big news of this new edition.

It will take place live at the show on 16 October 2022, you will have a limited time to make up a doll's face on the imposed theme.
To do this, you need a device that allows you to film your work live. (Arm clamp to hold the phone, mini camera...)

It is up to you to interpret the theme as you wish, you have 2 weeks to think about it and prepare yourself.

To register, please fill in the registration form below.


Only 10 slots are available for the live event. The audience will then vote during the event for the overall winner*!




To be validated, your proposal must comply with the following rules:


  • Theme respect: Your makeup should be inspired by the theme "It was a dark and cold night...". Tell us a story!
    If our team is in any doubt about this, they are likely to ask you to explain what you meant to show.


  • Choix du support : For reasons of homogeneity and visibility of details, the make-up heads can be Blythes, Pullips, or BJD size MSD/SD.
    You are allowed to have modified or sculpted the model beforehand to enhance your point. Original/anthro/non-human models are allowed as long as the size of the face corresponds to what is requested. PLEASE NOTE THAT NO COPIES OR COUNTERFEITS WILL BE TOLERATED.


  • Material: You are allowed to use all the usual materials for makeup (varnish, pastel, paint, airbrush...) as long as you respect the time limit!


  • Technical Rules:
    You must be able to broadcast live your entire makeup intervention at the time that will be defined on the program from start to finish. To do this, you need to have a suitable device: a clip arm for a smartphone, a mini portable camera or a small assistant who films for you...
    Make sure you have prepared it in advance so that you don't waste time setting it up (background, framing, light...)

    At the end of the time limit, you will send us photos of your work (profile/face), WITHOUT EYES, so that the public can evaluate the quality of your work. Make sure the photo is clear, of good quality, with correct framing and lighting. Use a plain background for better visibility. Size: 1000 pixels high MINIMUM


  • Add-ons: The use of extra parts and hairpieces (horns, glitter, stass, stones...) is allowed as long as you have time to place them within the time limit.
    They should underline your idea in relation to the theme.


  • Photo anonymity: to preserve fairness during voting, your final photos must not contain any significant signatures or marks. On the day of the event no names will be revealed in the voting section.


  • Sharing: Participants must not share their idea/preparation with their community, before and until the end of the event. This restriction is valid during the voting period or the participant will be disqualified immediately.


  • Application deadline : 14th Oct 2022. To send your participation, please fill in the form through the link above, and be ready on the day! Registrations may be closed earlier if all places are filled.


  • Limit: seulement 10 places disponibles à cause de contraintes techniques


  • Time: You'll have exactly 2 hours to makeup your doll head.


  • Voting system: The public will be asked to vote for their favourite proposal during the exhibition, after the final photos have been displayed.
    We will reveal the winner of the competition at the end of the day, live on Discord.


  • Authorization to represent the work: Participants in the competition authorize the Festiv'at Home association to present their work publicly as part of the organization of the competition, the votes and the announcement of the winner. This authorization will be extended, for the winner, for the purpose of presenting his work in an “archive” of the winners. This representation will be granted free of charge without any form of remuneration or compensation possible.


  • Respect for good morals: The participants undertake to ensure that their proposal does not offend the public.


Good luck to everyone !


* Regarding the nature of the prize: be careful, the Festiv’at Home cannot guarantee that the prize for the competition will be a jackpot, as this depends on the generosity of its partners. However, there will always be a gift for the winner.