Dear Artists,

Thank you so much for joining our festival.


This event will take place in two aspects:

- Artists Visibility
- Having a good time with the audience.


Here you will find all the information to exhibit at the show!

To register as an exhibitor:

The professional booths registration to the 20th oct 2024 Festiv'at Home are opened until 31th august 2024!



For your request to be taken into account you must send us in addition to the register form,
these attachments by email to

TITLE: Booth name
Your ID card
Your proof of professional declaration, dated less than 3 months
Your Logo (this will be used for your booth presentation)


Before you register, read these documents carefully:

Product categories

Booths will be available at the price of 10€

To make it easier for visitors to navigate between the booths, they will be classified by product category:

* BJD creator

* Pullip creator

* BJD clothes

* Pullip clothes

* Accessories

* Hybrid creatures

* Makeup  / Commissions

* Others

To guarantee visitors secure purchases,
registrations will be open to declared professionals exclusively!

Exhibitors will benefit from a Mini-booth created for them on the site.

This space will include up to 10 products and their description so that visitors can have a view of your work.

They can then find you on Discord or on your external platforms.

Exhibitors will also have access to a dedied Discord space .

This section with your booth name will consist of 3 parts:


Rules on Discord

This event is a sharing place for everyone. However, we ask you to read carefully the few rules below and to respect them.


  1. Advertising 
  • Exhibitors are not allowed to advertise during the event outside of their dedicated space.
  • No spam 
  • In the booth photo space, only one photo will be allowed per booth accompanied by a short description and the # ..... of their gallery showcase.


  1. Communication : 
  • Please do not expose your frustration or other negative comments to visitors, for not having visitors in your section, or for not selling. A space only visible to exhibitors is available for this.
  • Please respect other exhibitors, visitors and organizers.
  • In your section please deal with any overflow that may arise immediately or call a moderator for help.
  • Do not hesitate to set availability hours for visitors to the discord, for example if you have to be absent for the presentation of your stand live. 


  1. Management of your space:
  • Your gallery must be ready before the event opens. If you encounter any difficulties do not hesitate to contact one of the organizers or moderators of the event.
  • During the event, it is up to you to lead your discussion space. 
  • You are the only manager of your sales and how to achieve them through discord and your external platforms. 


  1. Prohibited content:

Any content is prohibited if it: 

  • is illegal ( No copying, counterfeiting or inducing the purchase of a copy or counterfeit shall be tolerated on pain of immediate exclusion.) 
  • is of a sexual nature, includes elements of nudity or pornography. 
  • shows any form of violence, assault, threat, intimidation, persecution, or encouragement to disclose such content. 
  • contains personal or confidential information.

Fun with Visitors

All the Discord rooms that will be set up will allow you to interact with visitors,

to chat with them and share a festive moment together.


To add to the event dynamic, we invite you to participate in the animations :



Present your booth and your products,
in video and live in front of the visitors

Registrations Soon


If you wish you can propose a theme of conference or workshop to be animated live for the public.

Send us an email!




We would like to reward our visitors for their support with a raffle.

If you would like to take part in the party and be a partner of the raffle by offering prizes, you are welcome.

Contact us by mail