Who are we ?



The Flame

It's a very strange story that begins in the fall.


For many months we have seen all of our Sabbaths canceled one after the other. The witch hunt is on!
All the opportunities to meet and celebrate our art have disappeared overnight.

Like a Halloween night, it's the feel of the wind howling, branches crackling in the moonlight, and a threat scratching at our door. Anguish is mounting, the inexplicable fear that all that was once will be no more.

It’s when all hope seems lost that you have no choice. It’s not about going backwards, it’s impossible. The only way open to us is to move forward.

And luckily the spark is best seen at night,
that little glow that only requires a breath to ignite, to live and to bring warmth back to our hearts.

It didn't take much longer for us to grasp our courage with both hands.

The threat scratching at the door didn't expect one thing, to see us go out the window!

NO, no one will prevent us from living and spreading the spark, we have chosen hope, we have chosen to do everything possible to recreate these magical moments that bring us together and that animate us.


Please help us spread the flame, because today we are celebrating around a big fire!

Little hands


And that's how we decided to create the first Festiv’at Home.


While we are all hoping for a return of real festivals, virtual festivals now have a role to play in the landscape.

It's a new way to share our passion with the whole world at a specific time!

The future of the show

As long as it is possible for us and you show the need, we will try to carry out the Festiv’at Home every year during the Halloween period.

So prepare costumes, pumpkins and magic formulas, it's "soon" already!