Au Pays Des Pullip


For more than ten years now, Au Pays des Pullips has been transporting you into its fantastic universe of dolls, outfits and specialised accessories. It's a Pullip paradise for lovers of lolita, kawai and fanfluffle wardrobes of all kinds.

All our outfits are made with love and by hand.
Thanks to our partnership with the biggest names in Pullip, we also offer a wide range of accessories and official dolls.



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Kimono wa lolita

for Pullip and similar, consists of three pieces: a kimono top, a skirt and an obi



Lolita outfit

with a little bunny hat and a lolita dress



Gothic dress

with decorated leatherette waistband




Sexy babydoll dress

to give your Pullip a good night's sleep



Little lace dress

embellished with small hand-sewn roses for a retro 60's chic effect



Kawaii or lace skirt,

dozens of models available for your Pullip's pleasure.




Small Pullip top

ideal for giving a casual effect to your chip.



Leatherette waistband

for Pullip for a steampunk effect.



Kawaii Coat

To keep your Pullip warm there's nothing better than a little kawaii coat!




Pullip full custom



Pullip full custom



Pullip full custom




Pullip full custom








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