Le Mouton en Sucre


BJD creators and Makeup artist.

Every day should be dotted with little laughs, little touches that bring happiness. So we strive, like the elves of Santa Claus, to create little sweets to illuminate your faces day after day with smiles, funny and a little silly moments!

All our creations are made and painted by hand in our workshop, with love, glitters and a good dose of fun.



Welcome to my booth!



Mojito & Tapazz
BJD Chameleon in resin. Special models. Alternative parts and fly included.



Potelette OOAK
BJD Resin pumpkins, unique customizations.



Mad’Laine OOAK
BJD Spider in resin, each model is unique and hand painted.




BJD mini bird. 2 sizes available, Mama or Baby. Available in several resin colors (gray, purple, mint, white, yellow), and different colors of blush.



BJD Acorn in resin. Classic models. Possibility to order a drawing on the back.



Glandouille OOAK
BJD Acorn in resin. Unique models with back drawings.




Ré-Gliss « Lapis »
BJD giant beetle, blue and white resin. Unique model.



Phoenix OOAK
BJD phoenix, red and yellow resin, ooak tail carved in Cosclay. Unique model.



Resin "leaves" accessories. Many colors available. Compatible with Potelettes, magnetic base.




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