Throughout the day you can admire the creations of the different artists participating to the event.

Navigate between the different universes that will be proposed to you.

We organize mini-workshops and conferences to animate the event. Do not hesitate to join us on Discord if you are interested!


10.30 amWelcome with Le Mouton en SucreFR+ENDiscord + Insta
11 amLes 3 Dames presentationFRFacebook
11.30 amMylk creations BJD presentationEN-
12 amSewing workshop with MylkEN-
12.30 amBreakFR-
1 pmAtelier de Seito presentationFR+ENInsta
1.30 pmTendres Chimères presentationFR-
2 pmDresscode Resin presentationENDiscord
2.30 pmMimizukudoll presentationFR-
3 pmCréatures de Lau presentationFRInsta
3.30 pmChimeras of Shar presentationFR+ENDiscord + Insta
4 pmCreation BJD conference with Le Mouton en SucreFRDiscord
4.30 pmMeroko doll presentationFRInsta + Facebook
5 pmYume Dolls Atelier presentationFRInsta
5.30 pmDiscuss around Recast with Le Mouton en SucreFRDiscord
6 pmYalki Palki presentationENDiscord + Insta
6.30 pmCircée Creations presentationFRFacebook
7 pmpresentation and conference about Pullip with Au Pays des PullipFRDiscord + Insta



MYLK CREATIONS BJD will show us an easy sewing tutorial to make a tote bag and masks for dolls.

Patterns will be freely shared.



LE MOUTON EN SUCRE will talk about BJD creation.

They will present the advantages of using different techniques mixing 3D and traditional sculpture.

AU PAYS DES PULLIP invite you to explore the world of Pullip customization.

She will reveal in detail the different customization possibilities that this medium offers, from the wide variety of stock models to the artist creation.



LE MOUTON EN SUCRE invites you to share a moment of information about the existence of counterfeiting in our hobby
and the need for the support of everybody to fight against the threat it represents.



Exhibitors will present their creations on Discord or on social networks.

Follow us on the Discord server to follow the different meetings.